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November 13, 2010
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Nah'yair Reference by Chamfruit Nah'yair Reference by Chamfruit

Judge Character Reference

Name: Nah'yair
Gender: female
Height: 9ft tall, usually

Role in RoA: She is Vespera's public speaker who speaks to the press in her place unless Vespera decides to make an appearance herself. She handles press related interactions very well and there is a high public opinion of her.
She also relays messages from Vespera to the contestants. Unless, again, Vespera decides to make an appearance herself. She follows Vespera's directions artfully and without error.
She has this position because she is known for her charisma and speech skills. She is very well articulated and is an excellent public speaker.

Abilities: Nah'yair cannot fly, she is not actually a real dragon. She is an excellent swimmer, but does not come from a water-dwelling species. Her abilities outside of these 2 facts are unknown; she does not often have to display them.

Personality: As said before, she is very well spoken. But she keeps a professional emotional barrier and responds to everything very professionally in terms of Vespera's wishes. She seems very mature and can seem somewhat motherly.

Mannerisms: She often involves her right hand when speaking, its gesture following along with her words.
In terms of being well-spoken, she uses eloquent sentence structure and words, and formulates the ideas she is speaking of well. But she is not a fan of metaphorical language.

History: The details behind how she got her position and her past are not clear.

Other: Yes, she is symmetrical.

Drawing Advice:
-Don't worry about the spot placement.
-Think of her body like a snake, then add on arms/legs later.
-Her arms are more human than not.
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fluffyz Nov 14, 2010  Professional General Artist
I usually don't like primary colors next to each other, but that gives this a nice, tropical feeling! I like her feet the most I think...
Chamfruit Nov 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Why, yes, it has a traditional color scheme. I think it was um... Split compliment or something? Blue, reddish orange (or orangeish red if you prefer) and yellowish orange (or orangeish yellow). That is probably what helps it look nice.

Let's have a discussion about complementary colors and how the fact that these aren't exactly complimentary colors makes it look good. Complimentary colors don't look good together, ever. No, I will not listen to your opinion on the matter, you just aren't understanding.

The term "hand-feets" applies :3 ! I like that term. It sounds so cute.
fluffyz Nov 14, 2010  Professional General Artist
It is a cute term. And I was going to say that second paragraph after reading the first one. You beat me. xD

I still lol about that.
Chamfruit Nov 14, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Yes, anytime complimentary colors are mentioned now I think back to it >:3
fluffyz Nov 14, 2010  Professional General Artist
same xD
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